Primary objectives
  • To estimate and compare the immune-related adverse events (irAEs) incidence in female and male cancer patients treated with immunotherapy, and estimate the incidence according to different clinical features and gender dimensions , i.e. behavioral and psychosocial differences associated with being female or male.
  • To estimate and compare the irAEs incidence in pre- and postmenopausal women.
  • Secondary objectives
    • To develop irAEs predictive tools based on clinical characteristics.
    • To explore irAEs occurrence in relation to hormonal profiles, exploring the differences in female and male cancer patients, and in pre- vs post-menopausal female patients.
    • To explore the role of concomitant medications on irAEs occurrence.
    Translational objectives
    • Gene-expression analysis: to identify immune-related genes in patients with various solid tumors treated with immunotherapy associated with the development of irAEs.
    • SNPs analysis: to perform a preliminary genome wide association study for the identification of germline variations associated with the development of irAEs. with the hypothesis that the individual’s genetic makeup may be related to irAEs.
    • Microbioma analysis: to analyze gut microbiota aiming at performing RNA/DNA sequencing analysis for identifying components associated with the development of irAEs.
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